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The Curling Academy has been around for over 20 years and is based in Lucerne (Switzerland). The academy is founded by the Canadian born renowned curling trainer Rodger Schmidt who is also the director of the world’s only professionally-run curling training facility.

The Curling Academy works mainly with top teams such as the Olympics winners 2018 (Pyeongchang) Team Schuster from the US. Rodger Schmidt has even won European and World Championships. He has also completed most international games as a coach worldwide. No other coach has more experience in curling than he! He has participated in the Olympia
winter games five times.

However, his Curling Academy working team also offers individual curling courses for all levels of performance, no matter what level. In addition to the sportive curling training, we also offer courses for ice masters.

We are always happy when athletes, teams and people want to improve!

Rodger Schmidt

Curling Academy director

Rodger Schmidt is the most experienced international curling coach and trainer in the World, serving as an Olympic curling coach for the last 5 Winter Olympics. In the past two decades, he has performed as a National Coaching for six different nations and has been engaged in almost every World and European Championship as a coach. Rodger has personally competed as an athlete in World, European and Canadian Championships achieving gold and silver status in each of these events during his playing career.

  • 5 time curling Olympic coach

  • leading speaker

  • Mental Training Performance coach

  • expert in curling ice installation and maintenance




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