Programs Offered – Season 2018-19

Programs on Offer for Curling Season 2018-19

1.00            Individual Training Session – Technical Training

                     50+ Min. -1 on 1 on ice with Rodger                                        CHF 85,00 (Inclusive Ice Fee)

                     50+ Min. – 2 persons on ice with Rodger                                  CHF 120,00 (Inclusive Ice Fee)

                     50+ Min. – 3 persons on ice with Rodger                                  CHF 150,00 (Inclusive Ice Fee)

2.00            Team On Ice Training and Coaching Sessions

                     110+ Minutes – on ice with Rodger                                          CHF 240,00 (Inclusive Ice Fee)

3.00             Mini Master Curling Class Sessions – Total Team Building, plus Technique

                      4 Hour Session on ice with Rodger                                         CHF 60,00 – 90.00 (per person)      

                      Min.6 persons – Max. 10 persons

                      90+ minutes Technical Review and Methods +

                      90+ minutes Game Activity with Strategy/Tactic and Coaching interventions

4.00             Master Class Curling Seminar Programs– Variable Focus Topics Available

                      8+ Hour Total Time Frame                                                      Price based on size of group

5.00              Mental Training Program Sessions for Teams, Individuals and Corporations.

6.00              Skip SchoolProgram “New Program” designed to build future Skip’s 

                                                                                                                   Price based on size of group

7.00               Exclusive Workshopfor Executives and Corporate Teams – Team Performance

                        4 Hour min. Led by 5 Time-Olympic Coach Rodger Schmidt

                        Classroom workshop with on Ice Competition and Team Tasks

                        Min 8 persons – Max 16 persons                                              Price based on size of group 

8.00              Coach the Coaches Program – Mentoring and Consulting

                     Mentoring and Consulting by 5 Time-Olympic Coach Rodger Schmidt

                      1 on 1 Sessions with Coach, Analysis of Team Games and Training Sessions

                                                                                                                   Price daily or hourly fee basis

For more details on any of the above programs and to book events contact: and

For security reasons please send to both the above

SMS or Telephone +41 76 375 78 78

The Curling Academy extends its cooperation with Russian Curling

We at the Curling Academy are very pleased that Rodger Schmidt, our Academy Director will be continuing working with the Russian Curling Federation. The Sochi Olympics built a strong relationship between our entities and we look forward to be able to continue to provide the highest quality service and assistance to the aspiring Russian Athletes in the Russian National Programs.

Our primary focus in these months is on the Women’s Program and the lead up to the European Championship in Champery at the end of November.

Next stop for the teams will be the International Wetzikon Tournament November 14 – 16, 2014.

Olympic Season Extra Competition September 27 – 29, 2013

In this Olympic Year there is a need for more High Level Competitions, especially since the Oslo Cup will not happen. Therefore, we are going to host a little 4 Nation competition in Kuessnacht, Switzerland SEPTEMBER 27(evening) – SEPTEMBER 29. We need minimum 6 teams, have 3 Nations and 4 teams now, so if your Team or Nation is interested please contact the Curling Academy asap. We will work out the detailed plan and sharing of costs once we have the teams set.

Also, be informed that the Curling Academy has ice from 24th of August on, and that between 24th August and 31st August we are accepting Teams and Individuals for training sessions and practice games with qualified Coaching and Trainers.

The Curling Academy adds Wolfgang Burba to our staff as Instructor/Coach

To meet the increasing demand for high quality International qualified Instructors and Coaches the Curling Academy Rodger Schmidt has trained and integrated Wolfgang Burba, of Oberstdorf, Germany in to the fold.

We are happy to report that the first assignment for Wolfgang has been a tremendous success.

Wolfgang Burba coached the Italian National Junior Men’s Team to victory in the European Junior Championship and with that success qualified the Italian Juniors for the 2013 World Championship in Sochi in February. We at the Curling Academy are very proud of this result, particularly due to the accelerated training coaching training process that was required to qualify him as an Academy Coach – having joined the staff only in November 2012.

We wish Wolfgang and the Italian Junior Men success in the 2013 World Junior and are pleased to have him on board in the Academy.

Calling all Aspiring Teams in Switzerland

The Curling Academy Rodger Schmidt is hosting trainings for the Russian Men National Team preparing for the 2013 World Men Championship in Victoria, Canada and the Russian Junior Men National Team preparing for the 2013 World Junior Championship in Sochi, Russia

We will be training in Kussnacht am Rigi between February 14 and March 11, 2013 – and during this time we would like to schedule training games with local teams. Please contact the Curling Academy to arrange a time for your team, or contact Coach Rodger Schmidt directly, – +41 76 375 7878.

The 2013-14 Curling Academy Season Begins August 24 in Curling Hall Kuessnacht am Rigi

We have a number of International Teams Training and playing friendly Matches against Swiss National Teams throughout the next two months. We would be very happy to have more top Swiss competitors to play training games at our Curling facilities in Kuessnacht am Rigi and Kuesnacht Zurich

We have evening (or daytime) openings between August 24 and August 30 in Kussnacht am Rigi

Please contact our Director, Rodger Schmidt at 076 375 7878 or

Another Review of “The Five Elements of Curling Technique” by Rodger Schmidt

Olympic Coach Vancouver 2012:

I just completed a complete study of the book. Each element, each page, paragraph and sentence. I did lots of highlighting and notes with the idea of teaching from it. When I first read it last fall, I thought it was a very comprehensive procedural book on the curling delivery. After my study of each concept that Rodger detailed within each principal of every Element, I found that the information and his method of explanation is truly amazing! My hat is off to him and to you as well – What a piece of work!
I hope to use my study of the manual at the GB Jr camp this summer.

Recent Reviews of the Manual “The Five Elements of Curling Technique” by Rodger Schmidt

Independant Review:

“The Five Elements of Curling Technique,” co-authored by by Higgins, with U.S. Olympic Team Technical Rodger Schmidt’s method for understanding and improving delivery mechanics. Schmidt curled at an elite level in Canada and Europe in the ‘70s and ‘80s. He now runs a curling school based in Switzerland and has coached many Olympic teams, including the 2010 US squads.
For a bit of perspective on where I’m writing from, I am a 6th year curler from California where, yes, we curl in arenas. I’m now playing at what I’d call “close to the top of the pack” in US women’s curling. (My team tied for 5th at Nationals in 2010.) Because I don’t live in a region with dedicated ice, I’ve spent a lot of time on the road training in Vancouver and Seattle. And, because I’m a curling nerd, I’ve worked very hard to study with as many “masters” as possible.
This book was my first major exposure to Schmidt’s approach and it is very different from anything else I’ve seen – especially in the lengths it goes to to explain *why* top athletes move the way they do

Schmidt’s, however, attempts to explain in physics and body mechanics terms why it’s necessary for your shoulders to be square and why your rock or foot or hips should be in a certain place at a certain time in your delivery.
The book breaks down delivery into 5 elements:
1. Control of Center of Body Weight
2. Control of Energy
3. Control of Stone Position
4. Control of Release and Finish
5. Control of Head: Curling Intellect
So what does that mean to you? Here’s my super-brief interpretation of the Schmidt delivery for non-lifters: When you stand in the hack, feel your center of gravity and identify the line of delivery. With your draw back and push out, accelerate your center of gravity into motion behind the rock. Transfer your center of gravity onto your slide foot and continue to focus your energy behind the rock as you and the rock move into alignment on the line of delivery. Once you have reached your slide position – feel, feel, feel. When the time comes, use that feel along with your deep experience as a curler to finish the shot as needed.
The biggest strength, in my opinion, of The Five Elements of Curling Technique method is that it can be applied to all types of deliveries – from tuckers, to lifters, to flat-footers – you name it! I know this will help me teach. In the past, when a tucker came my way, the best I could do was advise them to watch Jeff Stoughton video. Now I will be able to explain why they are fishtailing in terms of force, center of weight and the timing of their push.
The material is dense and complex so don’t judge yourself if it takes you a while to sort out the nuances. (I did most of an astrophysics major at Princeton (I eventually got my degree in art) and found myself flashing back to those 2 am study sessions at times.) As an ex-near-physicist, I did have some minor quibbles here and there with some of the ideas and images and I’m not sure I’m fully on board with everything that’s said – or not said – about line of delivery. But that stuff aside, I’m glad I read the book and I found it very interesting to think about delivery in this new light.
I’m a visual learner, so I appreciated all the photos and computer illustrations. In some places, I think it might have been helpful to take pictures specifically for the book, for example, with concepts that needed to be shown head-on, like eye-dominance and rock alignment.
All in all, I think this would be a challenging first curling book for novices, but the principles should be part of all curlers’ vocabulary.
By Gabrielle Coleman

2012 Curling Academy August Sessions 22 August to 2 September

22nd August 2012 to 2nd September 2012


International Team Trainings – Private Individual Lessons – Local Swiss Team Training Sessions

Indivdualized Programs – Mini Games specifically to train on ice Strategies with Coach consultation.

Mental Sessions – Strategy Sessions – Skip Sessions – Program for Beginners

Training by Rodger Schmidt, Jean Pierre Rutsche, and various additional International and Local Instructors

Build your own program for yourself or your team by contacting Rodger Schmidt –